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Numéro de la fiche : 42786

Pays : France

Thèmes : CMR (Transport routier international) Responsabilité du transporteur Dol ou faute équivalente (art. 29)

CMR (Transport routier international)
    Responsabilité du transporteur Limitation de responsabilité du transporteur (art. 23) Calcul (art. 23)

Date de la décision : 01/07/2021

Objet :
Transport of a concrete pump from Korea to France via Antwerp - Damage to the goods during the road phase of transport - Embedding under the deck of a bridge
1) Responsibility of the Belgian forwarding agent (no) - Quality of forwarding agent of the intermediary (yes) - Knowledge of the ordering party (yes) - Current business - General conditions - Invoices
2) Compensation for damage - Commercial damage (no) - Reimbursement of franchise (no) - Article 23 of the CMR - Compensation for the value of the goods

Sommaire :
1) The existence of a current of business between the intermediary and his principal makes it possible to deduce that the latter was aware of the capacity of forwarding agent of the intermediary. Consequently, he does not incur towards his principal, informed of the said quality, any liability due to the non-performance by the third party with whom he has dealt with the obligations resulting from the contract he has concluded. In this case, only the carrier is responsible for the proper performance of the transport, including the entire journey from the point of departure to the disembarkation of the boat until the final delivery to the recipient, under the terms of the provisions of the CMR convention governing international transport, and must answer for the damages resulting from the incident.

2) Pursuant to article 23 of the CMR, no compensation may be requested other than that compensating totally or partially the value of the goods, which, calculated with reference to the elements fixed by the CMR, i.e. 19200 x 8 , 33 SDR = 159,936 SDR, limits its amount which may not be exceeded except in the event of inexcusable fault on the part of the carrier, a question only affecting the extent of the repair, without affecting the nature of the damage for which the repair is requested, which do not in any case fall within the provisions of the convention governing international transport.

Référence :
Cour d'appel de Douai
01 juillet 2021
RG n°19/03503
SARL Flypump et a. / Société Jas Forwarding Worlwide et a.

IDIT n°25178
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