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Numéro de la fiche : 42784

Pays : France

Thèmes : CMR (Transport routier international) Responsabilité du transporteur Dol ou faute équivalente (art. 29)

CMR (Transport routier international)
    Responsabilité du transporteur Limitation de responsabilité du transporteur (art. 23) Calcul (art. 23)

Date de la décision : 01/07/2021

Objet :
Transport of luxury items between France and Ukraine - Theft of the goods on the territory of Ukraine - Liability action by the commission agent - Guarantee call from the carrier -
1) Inexcusable fault (no) - Article 29 of the CMR (no) - Exact circumstances of the theft unknown - Double hypothesis - Theft committed while parking in an unattended service station car park in Ukraine - Theft committed while the vehicle was traveling on a Ukrainian road - Causal link with the damage (no)
2) Limitation of liability - Compensation - Article 23 of the CMR - Amicable expert appraisal costs - Costs - Irreparable costs

Sommaire :
1) As the exact circumstances of the theft remain uncertain, it has not been established that an inexcusable fault, causally linked to the damage, can be attributed to the truck driver. The first judge was therefore right to apply the compensation limits provided for in article 23 of the CMR, namely 8.33 SDR per missing kilo.
2) The costs of amicable expertise cannot be included in the costs. They constitute costs incurred by a party and not included in the costs and thus fall into the category of irrecoverable costs. They are not reimbursed when they exceed the liability limits of Article 23 of the CMR.

Référence :
Cour d'appel de Versailles
01 juillet 2021
RG n°19/08042
Helvetia Assurances c/ XPO Global Forwarding France et a.

IDIT n°25205

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