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Numéro de la fiche : 42456

Pays : France

Thèmes : CMR (Transport routier international) Responsabilité du transporteur Dol ou faute équivalente (art. 29)

CMR (Transport routier international) Responsabilité du transporteur Présomption de responsabilité du transporteur (art. 17§1)

Date de la décision : 11/03/2021

Objet :
Transport of computer equipment from Germany to France - Theft of the goods - Freight forwarder - Chartering of a German carrier - Subcontracting to a Romanian carrier - CMR applicable - Action by the forwarder having compensated his client up to his limitations compensation against the German carrier - Action by the insurer of the goods against the freight forwarder in addition for the rest - Inexcusable fault of the carrier (yes) - Article L.133-8 of the Commercial Code - Awareness of the probability of the damage ( yes) - Knowledge of the nature of the goods transported (yes) - Inscription on the consignment note - Parking of the vehicle in an unsecured place - Limitation of compensation (no) - Article 17 of the CMR - Liability of the carrier - Liability of the freight forwarder because of his substitute

Sommaire :
As soon as the CMR consignment note mentioned the nature of the goods ("monitor"), the driver could not be unaware that it was computer equipment requiring security precautions. By parking his vehicle on the public highway without the doors of his trailer being closed, he was fully aware of the probability of the damage and accepted it recklessly. He thus committed an inexcusable fault at the origin of the damage.

By application of article 17 of the CMR, the freight forwarder, because of the fault committed by the driver of the company it has replaced, is responsible for the incident that has occurred.

Référence :
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11 Mars 2021
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IDIT n°25084
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