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Numéro de la fiche : 42426

Pays : France

Thèmes : CMR (Transport routier international)
    Responsabilité du transporteur Preuve du cas d'exonération (art. 18) Transport sous température dirigée - Prise des mesures lui incombant (art. 18§4)

Date de la décision : 26/01/2021

Objet :
Road transport of goods under controlled temperature - CMR - Groupage transport of vegetables between France and Belgium - Refusal of the goods by the recipient - Temperature too low - Altered taste of the tomatoes - Abusive refusal by the recipient (no) - Specialized transporter - Compliance with the sender's instructions (no) - Equipment enabling dual temperature transport (yes) - Liability of the carrier (yes) - Article 18-4 of the CMR

Sommaire :
The transporter, specializing in refrigerated transport, who had the technical means allowing him to carry out the transport by grouping of different vegetables at the appropriate temperatures sees his responsibility retained when he does not respect the precise instructions of the shipper as for the temperature. to which each type of goods had to be transported. Consequently, the refusal of the recipient of the goods is legitimate: the tomatoes losing their flavor when subjected to too low a temperature, even though the varieties appearing on the delivery notes were expensive varieties known for their taste qualities.

Référence :
Cour d'appel de Rennes
26 Janvier 2021
Répertoire Général : 18/01800

IDIT n°25057
Bulletin des Transports et de la Logistique n°3818 du 08 février 2021 p.76

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